Sûfîlere Yöneltilen Tenkitlere Bir Cevap: Akşemseddin ve Def‘U Metâini’s-Sûfiyye İsimli Eseri

Bedriye Reis
1.670 913


Shamsaddīn Muhammad b. Hamzah who is considered as founder of the Shamsiyya brunch of Bayramiyya in history of sufism and known as Akshamsaddin is scholar, poet and mystic who influenced the age of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Both his moral role in conquest of İstanbul and his books which reveal his knowledge and his wisdom get researchers attention and studied in different researchs. Akşemseddin has written a booklet about answers and objections regarding criticism which were turned towards mystics. This study contains these criticisms and the answers of Akşemseddin. Point of view of Akşemseddin about topics that are discussed between ulema and mystics is taken under the study. Furthermore it will explain topics which were discussed about sufism and mystic orders in the period of Akşemseddin.

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