In Vitro Symbiotic Culture Studies of Some Orchid Species

Arzu Çığ, Hüdai Yılmaz


In this study, protocorm and shoot formation abilities of the seeds of Dactylorhiza iberica (Bieb. ex Willd.) Soó, Dactylorhiza umbrosa (Kar. and Kir.) Nevski and Orchis palustris Jacquin species in binucleic Rhizoctonia and Rhizoctonia solani isolates in vitro, which are used as symbiotic culture medium and isolated from the tubers of these plants, and in oat medium (OM) and modified oat medium (MOM) are examined. The shortest time for protocorm and shoot development of D. umbrosa sowed in oat media are determined as 42.67 and 66 days, respectively. The highest protocorm development rate and the least darkening protocorm percentage are observed as 60 % (OM) and 2.99 % (MOM) in D. umbrosa species. The maximum percentage of shoots obtained from protocorms is observed as 35.04 % in D. iberica species developed in OM. All data were obtained that the inoculation of binucleic Rhizoctonia sp. in the nutrient mediums.

Anahtar kelimeler

In vitro; Orchids, Protocorm; Rhizoctonia spp.; Shoot