Fatigue Life Enhancement of Three Point Hitch System Brackets in the Garden Series Tractors

İbrahim Savaş Dalmış, Olcay Tezcan, Sait Ozmen Eruslu
563 111


The main objective of this research was to enhance the fatigue performance of the brackets found in the three point hitch system used in garden series tractors. This was achieved by using experimental tests and finite element analysis. The manufactured brackets were validated with fatigue rig tests, namely a lifting capacity test, a push-pull test and a lifting-lowering test. The lifting capacity test of three point hitch mechanism was established according to ISO 730-1 standards. In addition to the lift capacity test, problems were also experienced with the cylinder clamping brackets during the pus-hpull tests. The bracket brakeage occurred during the 11,218th test cycle. According to the test results and finite element analysis, the brackets were strengthened at critical damage points. The thickness of the bracket connection surface was increased from 12 mm to 19 mm and the bracket material was changed from GG25 to GG35. The enhanced brackets passed the tests without any breakage.

Anahtar kelimeler

Hydraulic lift; Three point hitch mechanism; Push-pull tests; Lifting-lowering tests; Fatigue analysis; Stress analysis

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