Solid Matrix Priming of Cabbage Seed Lots: Repair of Ageing and Increasing Seed Quality

Sıtkı Ermiş, Fatih Kara, Eren Özden, İbrahim DEMİR
486 107


This study was conducted to determine the effect of solid matrix priming treatment on 25 cabbage seed lots of various ages in terms of enhanced germination, emergence, mean germination and emergence time, and electrical conductivity. Solid matrix priming at a seed: vermiculite: water rate of 1:2:2.5 (w:w:w) was applied at 25 °C for 16 hours in the dark. Matrix priming was found to increase germination and emergence, reduced mean germination, emergence times and solute leakage. The advantages of solid matrix priming were observed more in aged than fresh seeds. The results indicated that SMP may enhance aged cabbage seed quality.

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Seed pretreatment; Electrical conductivity; Mean germination time; Germination; Emergence

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