Physico-Chemical Characteristic and Fatty Acids Compositions of Cottonseed Oils

Dilşat Bozdoğan Konuşkan
559 301


In this study, three cotton genotypes of species Gossypium hirsutum L., Cukurova 1518, PAUM 15 and BA 119 were
investigated for their some physicochemical properties of oils such as free fatty acids, peroxide value, iodine value,
unsaponifiable matter, total carotenoid and tocopherol contents and fatty acids composition in Cukurova region in
Turkey. Seed oil content ranged 17.2-19.6% and PAUM 15 was found to be genotype with the highest oil content. The
range of other physicochemical properties and their values are as follows; free fatty acids 1.7-2.8%, peroxide value 5.3-
6.0 meq O2 kg-1, unsaponifiable matters 2.1-2.3%, iodine value 102-110, total carotenoid content 119-140 mg kg-1, total
tocopherol content 887-920 mg kg-1, linoleic acid 52.00-55.82%, palmitic acid 24.85-25.63%, oleic acid 14.06-17.00%,
stearic acid 3.01-3.13% in the cottonseed oils. PAUM 15 was determined to be more suitable for food consumption as
edible oil due to its highest oil content and quality characteristics than the others genotypes.

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Cottonseed oil; Fatty acids; Physicochemical properties

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