Inheritance of Rose-Flowered Mutation in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Hüseyin ÇANCI, Nisa Ertoy İnci, Fatma Öncü Ceylan Baloğlu, Tolga Yıldırım
418 159


Mutations are the most important phenomenon in the living organisms including plant species due to creating variation.
Variation in crop plants can be increased by induced mutations. The present study deals with inheritance of an induced
mutation with rose-flowered in the cultivated chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). A mutant having rose-shaped flowers
without male and female organs in the cultivated chickpea was isolated in M2 and harvested as a single plant with its
sisters (sibs). In M3, inheritance of the rose-flowered mutant was studied in the segregated rows because hybridization
between the mutant and parent or the other genotype of the cultivated chickpea was not possible. Results indicated
that the rose-flowered mutation was controlled by a single recessive gene (rs). This study is an alternative approach on
inheritance studies if hybridization is impossible due to sterility.

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Cicer arietinum; Mutagenesis; Rose-flowered mutant

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