Evaluation of Fire Blight (Erwinia amylovora) Disease Reaction of Pear Hybrid Combinations

Yasemin Evrenosoğlu, Adalet Mısırlı, Yeşim Aysan, Hikmet Saygılı, Özlem Boztepe, Sümer Horuz, Nihal Acarsoy Bilgin, Emre Bilen, Ali Baykul
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Fire blight caused by pathogenic bacterium Erwinia amylovora, is the serious disease of pear. Since there is no effective
chemical management to this disease except antibiotic-type compounds, it is very important to improve new fire blight
resistant cultivars. In this research, it was aimed to select and develop fire blight resistant pear types and to determine
fire blight susceptibility levels of pear hybrids, obtained from different projects. Hybrid plants were inoculated by shoot
injections twice each year. Evaluations were made through necrotic shoot rate and susceptibility levels of hybrids were
determined. During the experiments, 7036 hybrid pear seedlings inoculated, and 12.28% of them were found as “very
low susceptibility” (A), 3.62% as “low susceptibility” (B) classes.

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Artificial inoculation; Erwinia amylovora; Hybrid; Pear

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