The comparative effects of microtubules in TUB-GFP and MBD-GFP Arabidopsis thaliana exposed to UV-B Radiation

Dongjing Ma, Huize Chen, Rong Han


In the present study, we used the TUB-GFP and MBD-GFP of the Arabidopsis thaliana, compared with effects of the plant height and primary root length, and changes of microtubules dynamics by confocal laser scanning microscope after UV-B radiation. It was shown that UV-B radiation had the same damaged effects on the transgenic lines, compared with wild type, and the transgenic lines were more sensitive for UV-B. MBD-GFP Arabidopsis thaliana could be better adapted to the changes with UV-B treatment. Therefore, these results indicated that UV-B could inhibit the growth and the development of transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana, and the inhibition effects might result from changes in microtubules.