The determination of water quality of Kargı Stream (Antalya, Turkey) in terms of physicochemical parameters

Melek Zeybek, Hasan Kalyoncu
1.347 225


Today available clean water resources have been contaminated by various factors quickly. Determining the ecological characteristics of existing water resources and increasing activities that protect them has gained importance. In this context, physicochemical characteristics of Kargı stream in Antalya province were evaluated and thus its water quality classes were detected. Seven stations were chosen on the stream and water samples were taken from each station with seasonal periods between July 2014- April 2015. Water temperature (°C), pH, electrical conductivity (EC), dissolved oxygen (DO), biochemical oxygen demand (BOI5), ammonium nitrogen (NH4 -N), nitrite nitrogen (NO2-N), nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N), ortho-phosphate phosphor (PO4-P) and chloride ion (Cl-) measurements of water samples were done. According to the statistical analysis results, EC and Cl- values differed significantly among stations (P<0,05). Water quality of the stream was evaluated using Water Pollution Control Regulation and Klee’s method and in general it has a high quality (unpolluted) or low contaminated (slightly polluted) water quality. However, it has been thought that water quality of the last station in the estuarine zone decreased based on some parameters due to marine influence and recreational arrangements in the area. As result, there is not under intensive polluting threat in spite of some trout farms and settlements in the vicinity of Kargı stream.

Keywords: Water quality, Physicochemical parameters, Kargı Stream, Antalya, Turkey 

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