Observations on the Chironomidae and Chaoboridae (Diptera) fauna of the Mountain Lakes in Denizli (Turkey)

Ayşe Taşdemir, M. Ruşen Ustaoğlu
1.101 217


In order to determine the Chironomidae and Chaoboridae fauna of Kartal Lake, Karagöl and Gökçeova Pond, samplings were performed in the summer months of 2009-2011. Benthic samples were collected from the littoral and profundal zones of the water bodies by using 180 µ mesh sized hand nets and Ekman Birge grab, respectively. As a result of the taxonomic study, totally 27 species were determined; of them 26 belong to five submailies (Tanypodinae, Prodiamesinae, Diamesinae, Orthocladiinae, Chironominae) of Chironomidae and one to Chaoboridae. The Chironominae subfamily was the dominant group with 16 taxa and was followed by Tanypodinae with 5 taxa. All the determined taxa were firstly recorded from the studied localities. This study aims to add a new one to our country’s mountain lakes studies and to determine common specimens which are unique for this environment characteristics.

Keywords: Chironomidae, Chaoboridae, benthos, mountain lakes

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12714/egejfas.2016.33.3.13


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