The proposals for solution and fisheries problems in Keban Dam Lake (Elazığ, Turkey)

Mürşide Dartay, İlhan Canpolat
1.080 330


This study was carried out to determine present situation of fishing, fishermen problems and solutions in the Keban Dam Lake (Elazığ, Turkey), between March 2013 and June 2014. In Keban Dam Lake 310 fishermen, 184 fishing boats, 110,000 m trammel nets, 159,000 m gillnets and 46,000 crayfish pinters were determined belonging to 15 fishing cooperatives. Annual total amounts of fish and crayfish were 480 ton/year and 17 ton/ year respectively. Main contributions to the annual total amount mainly came from Elazığ (67.71%),  Tunceli (27.08%) and Erzincan provinces (5.21%). The amount of daily caught fish was found as 2,845 kg/boat. Main problems for fishing in Keban Dam Lake were determined as marketing, reduction in fish stocks due to excessive and uncontrolled catching, insufficient coordination between cooperatives. Main solutions proposed by the fishermen are the prohibition of fishing methods which damage to fish stocks, prevention of illegal fishing and the promotion of social security in fisheries.

Keywords: Keban Dam Lake, Turkey, fisheries, fishermen, fishermen problems

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