Mean Platelet Volume, A Possible New Marker İn Acute Peritonitis?

Sena Ulu, Gulsah Asik, Akif Acay, Ahmet Ahsen, Abdullah Altug, Gökhan Yaman, Şeref Yüksel
1.178 461


MPV (mean platelet volume) is one of the determinants of the platelet function which is situated in the routine complete blood count tests and was shown to be inversely correlated with inflammation. We aimed to evaluate MPV values in patients with peritoneal dialysis and in acute peritonitis attacks. 37 patients with PD and 42 healthy subjects were included in the study. 42 peritonitis attacks of the patients were recorded. C reactive protein (CRP) levels and complete blood count tests were analyzed. Mean MPV values were significantly higher in patients with PD in the stable period compared with the control group (p


Peritoneal dialysis, peritonitis, mean platelet volume, acute-phase reactant, platelet function indices

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Figure 2. Mean platelet volume (fl) and peritoneal fluid

leukocyte count(µl)

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