Our Experiences in Surgical Treatment of Bayne Type III and IV Radial Longitudinal Deficiencies

Mahmut Kömürcü, Serdar Yüce, Osman Yüksel Yavuz, İsmail Uraş, Murat Uygun, Mustafa Kürklü
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Radial longitudinal deficiencies are characterized by radial deviation of the wrist, a short and bowed forearm and a non-functional or absent thumb. The deformity is caused by varying degrees of underdevelopment and malformation including hypoplasia of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and vessels. This study describes our results from centralization in 8 limbs with Bayne type III-IV radial longitudinal deficiencies. We reviewed 8 limbs from 6 patients with a centralization performed between 2002 and 2010. The median patient age at the time of the operation was 2.75 years (range 2-14 years). The sex ratio was 4 male and 2 female. All patients underwent centralization. One patient had an additional 6.5 cm elongation of the ulna bone by means of a circular external fixator (CEF). The median follow-up time from centralization was 4,5 years (range 2-10 years). The result was considered to be excellent in 4 cases, good in 3 cases and fair in 1 case. Radial deviations regenerated in all cases. During follow-up, a radial deviation of 15 degrees developed in one patient; this deviation did not require surgical correction. Hand and wrist movements were within acceptable levels. Movement and function of the wrist and forearm can be obtained through centralization of the wrist and ulnar elongation when necessary. A cosmetically pleasant appearance can be ensured.


Radial longitudinal deficiency, centralization, distraction

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