Comparision of the Characteristics of Familial and Sporadic Cases in Patients with Gastric Cancer

Sevket Arslan, Mahmut Ilhan
1.247 346


In this study, it was aimed to find the percentage of the non-familial and familial cases and comparison of their characteristic susing 2004 Canadian criteria in our cancer patients. The data from the files of 200 patients with histopathologically proven gastric cancer registered in our Medical Oncology Clinic were evaluated between January 2001 and December 2005. In our study, the ratio of familial cases is 10%. The mean ages of the patients are 56.44±0.78 in non-familial group and 53.30±2.90 in familial group. There were 113 males (62.77%), 67 females (37.23%) in non-familial group and 14 males (70%), 6 females (30%) in familial group. Histological types in familial and non-familial groups are; intestinal type 23.8% (n:3) and 75.23% (n:82); diffuse type 76.92% (n:10) and 24.77% (n:27) (p


Gastric cancer, familial, sporadic

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