Comparison of Ultrasonography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Diagnosis of Soft Tissue Masses of the Hand and Wrist

Gunes Orman, Guray Yesiladali, Ercan Olcay, Mahmut Duymus
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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the preoperative features and predict the preoperative diagnosis of hand and wrist soft tissue masses by ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging and compare the results with the postoperative pathological results. 14 patients with the complaint of mass or pain in their hand and wrist were included. Before the operation we practised ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging to the patients. The preoperative diagnosis were compared with postoperative pathological diagnosis. 14 patients (female/male: 10/4) were included. The pathological results were glomus tumor in 2, giant cell tumor of tendon sheath in 4, ganglion cyst in 4, schwannoma in 2, lipoma in 1 and fibroma in 1. According to these pathological results ultrasonography was 64 % (9/14) successful and magnetic resonance imaging was 50% (7/14) successful to predict all of the masses. High resolution ultrasonography is well suited for screening soft tissue masses because of its safety, low cost and real-time dynamic imaging. Sonography enables a reliable diagnosis of the cystic or solid nature of soft tissue lesions, accurate estimation of the volume and even presume the pathologic diagnosis according to the lesions. Ultrasonography may usually be adequate solely for the evaluation of soft tissues masses of hand and wrist.


Soft tissue mass, ultrasonography, MRI

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