Neglected Traumatic Locked Anterior Shoulder Fracture-Dislocation

Mehmet Serhan Er, Mehmet Eroglu, Recep Abdullah Erten, Hasan Metineren, Levent Altinel
1.178 354


Anterior shoulder dislocations are the most common major joint dislocations encountered in the emergency departments and fractures of proximal humerus can accompany with dislocations. Although the treatment of acute isolated traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation is generally simple, the treatment of neglected fracture-dislocations becomes more complicated. In this report, a 22-year-old male patient who had posttraumatic locked, shoulder fracture-dislocation is presented. Open reduction and internal fixation was performed because the injury had occurred 3 weeks ago and the humeral head was locked on the anterior rim of glenoid. At sixth month post-operative follow-up, it was seen that the fracture had united and there was no radiological evidence of avascular necrosis. Neglected, locked anterior fracture-dislocations should be managed thoughtfully by open reduction and internal fixation with consideration of the risk for avascular necrosis.


Neglected, traumatic, locked, shoulder fracture, dislocation

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