Non- Surgical Approach in a Case of Placenta Accreta Complicated by a Pulmonary Embolus

Adnan İncebiyik, Funda Yalcin, Nese Gul Hilali, Aysun Camuzcuoglu, Hakan Camuzcuoglu, Mehmet Vural
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Placenta accreta, which is a serious complication of pregnancy that can be treated with a spectrum of treatment methods ranging from medical treatment to hysterectomy, is characterized by the abnormal adherence of the placental tissue to the uterine wall. The presence of a simultaneous pulmonary embolus necessitates more conservative treatment approaches due to anticoagulant treatment and limited lung capacity of the patient. In this case report, a case with these risk factors that was treated with alternative treatment methods rather than surgery is presented and these treatment options are discussed.


Placenta accreta, pulmonary embolism, methotrexate, uterine balloon tamponade

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