Headscarf Pin Localized in the Right Main Bronchus and Two Pins in the Abdomen

Burhan Apiliogullari, Nuri Duzgun, Hidir Esme, Mehmet Yavsan
1.050 297


Tracheobronchial foreign body aspiration is a serious condition that might result in mortality and it necessitates emergency intervention. Studies in literature report cases of pin aspiration related to headscarf use in Muslim countries. The most frequent symptom in foreign body aspirations is coughing. Radio-opaque foreign bodies can be detected through lung radiology. Following diagnosis, the foreign body needs to be removed as soon as possible. The removal procedure is carried out by flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy or rigid bronchoscope. We hereby present the case of a patient who presented to the emergency department with headscarf pin aspiration and whose radiography results revealed 2 pins in the abdomen and one pin in the right main bronchus.


Headscarf Pin, tracheobronchial foreign body, bronchoscopy

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