A Rare Entity Causing Chronic Sinusitis: Ectopic Tooth in Maxillary Sinus

Gurkan Kayabasoglu, Murat Karaman, Recep Kaymaz, Alpen Nacar
1.167 563


Ectopic teeth have been rarely described in non-dental and non-oral localizations. Ectopic tooth eruption in maxillary sinus usually runs across incidentally during routine radiological or clinical evaluation because it is generally asymptomatic. If it occurs symptomaticaly; the findings like purulent rhinorrhoea, facial pain, headache, swelling, epistaxis and epiphora can be seen. It is often treated via Caldwell-Luc procedure. In this study, a case of ectopic maxillary third molar tooth on right maxillary sinus is presented.


Maxillary sinus, ectopic tooth, caldwell-luc, sinusitis, foreign body.

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