Partial Merosin Deficiency and Precocious Puberty

Beray Selver Eklioglu, Nesibe Akyurek, Sevil Arı Yuca, Mehmet Emre Atabek
1.222 511


The congenital muscular dystrophies (CMD) are autosomal-recessive disorders. Classical congenital muscular dystrophy is grouped as merosin-positive and merosin-negative (MN-CMD). Precocious puberty is idiopathic and is related to premature release of gonadotrophins. So far, the association between merosin deficiency and precocious puberty has not been identified. We report a case of a child with precocious puberty who was diagnosed with merosin deficiency in infancy.


Precocious puberty, merosin deficiency, child

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