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Eurasian Journal of Soil Science (EJSS) is a forum for presenting articles on basic and applied research of soil science, thus making new findings, methods and techniques easily accessible and applicable in practice. It publishes original papers on research relating to soil physics and mechanics; soil chemistry; soil biology and biochemistry; soil erosion and conservation; soil genesis, classification and mapping; soil mineralogy and micromorphology; soil hydrology; soil fertility; plant nutrition and fertilization; soil pollution and remediation; soil health and quality; soil management and reclamation; geostatistics, remote sensing and GIS. Reviews on popular topics relating to soil science are accepted by the editorial board.

Vol 5, No 3: p. 166-254 (July 2016)

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Changes in diversity, biomass and abundance of soil macrofauna, Parrotio-Carpinetum forest at organic and semi-organic horizons PDF
Masomeh Izadi, Hashem Habashi
Geochemical pattern of soils in Bobovdol valley, Bulgaria. Assessment of Cd and Co contents PDF
Ivona Nikova, Venera Tsolova, Bisser Hristov, Aleksandar Zdravkov, Kalin Ruskov
Screening for Pseudomonas and Bacillus antagonistic rhizobacteria strains for the biocontrol of Fusarium wilt of chickpea PDF
Hannane Abed, Noureddine Rouag, Dahou Mouatassem, Amar Rouabhi
Spatial variability of soil physical properties in a cultivated field PDF
Coşkun Gülser, Imanverdi Ekberli, Feride Candemir
Prediction the soil erodibility and sediments load using soil attributes PDF
Uones Mazllom, Hojat Emami, Gholam Hossain Haghnia
Surface soil factors and soil characteristics in geo-physical milieu of Kebbi State Nigeria PDF
Suleiman Usman
The assessment of groundwater geochemistry of some wells in Rafsanjan plain, Iran PDF
Milad Mirzaei Aminiyan, Farzad Mirzaei Aminiyan, Amin Heydariyan, Mahmood Reza Sadikhani
An application of Embedded Markov chain for soil sequences: Case study in North Western part of Algeria PDF
Lotfi Mustapha Kazi-Tani, Abdelaziz Gaouar
Identification of strain types of some Beet necrotic yellow vein virus isolates determined in Northern and Central Parts of Turkey PDF
Nazli Dide Kutluk Yilmaz
Evaluation of heavy metal complex phytotoxicity PDF
Vita Vasilyevna Datsenko, Nataliya Lvovna Khimenko
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