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Eurasian Journal of Soil Science (EJSS) is a forum for presenting articles on basic and applied research of soil science, thus making new findings, methods and techniques easily accessible and applicable in practice. It publishes original papers on research relating to soil physics and mechanics; soil chemistry; soil biology and biochemistry; soil erosion and conservation; soil genesis, classification and mapping; soil mineralogy and micromorphology; soil hydrology; soil fertility; plant nutrition and fertilization; soil pollution and remediation; soil health and quality; soil management and reclamation; geostatistics, remote sensing and GIS. Reviews on popular topics relating to soil science are accepted by the editorial board.

Vol 5, No 4: p. 255-331 (October 2016)

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Roles of soil biota and biodiversity in soil environment – A concise communication PDF
Suleiman Usman, Yakubu Muhammad, Alhaji Chiroman
Modeling cation exchange capacity and soil water holding capacity from basic soil properties PDF
Idowu Olorunfemi, Johnson Fasinmirin, Adefemi Ojo
Effect of mycorrhiza on growth criteria and phosphorus nutrition of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) under different phosphorus application rates PDF
S.Fatih Ergin, Füsun Gülser
Structural-functional concept of thermophysical condition of the soils of Altai Region PDF
Sergey Makarychev, Andrey Bolotov
Using Cesium-137 to estimate soil particle redistribution by wind in an arid region of central Iran PDF
Fatemeh Gheysari, Shamsollah Ayoubi, Mohammad Abdi
Effects of some organic materials on bicarbonate extractable phosphate content of soils having different pH PDF
Nutullah Özdemir, Ömrüm Tebessüm Kop Durmuş, İrem Zorba
Effects of different nitrogen and potassium sources on lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) yield in a sandy soil PDF
Mohamed Said Awaad, Ragab Ali Badr, Mamoduh Ali Badr, Ahmed Hamada Abd-elrahman
Salt stress-mineral nutrient relations in olive (Olea europaea L.) plant PDF
Erkan Kasırğa, Mehmet Demiral
Relationship between soil water retention model parameters and structure stability PDF
Amrakh Mamedov, Imanverdi Ekberli, Coşkun Gülser, Ilknur Gümüş, Ummuhan Çetin, Guy J. Guy Levy
Improved method to determine particle size distribution for some gypsiferous soils. A case study from Al-Ahsa Governorate, Saudi Arabia PDF
Magboul Sulieman, Abd El-Azeem Sallam
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