Eurasian J. Soil Sci.

Vol 4, No 3: p. 144-219 (July 2015)

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Source identification of heavy metals in atmospheric dust using Platanus orientalis L. leaves as bioindicator PDF
Samira Norouzi, Hossein Khademi
Assisted bioremediation tests on three natural soils contaminated with benzene PDF
Maria Manuela Carvalho, Maria Cristina Vila, Cristina Delerue Matos, Maria Teresa Oliva Teles, António Fiúza
Effects of poultry litter biochar on soil enzyme activities and tomato, pepper and lettuce plants growth PDF
Muhittin Onur Akça, Ayten Namlı
Depth function of manganese (Mn) concentration in soil solutions: Hydropedological translocation of trace elements in stratified soils PDF
Martin Reiss, Peter Chifflard
Predicting the yield and quality of winter wheat grown on calcareous chernozem in the lower Don Region PDF
Olga Biryukova, Ivan Elnikov, Dmitry Bozhkov, Tatiana Minkina
Effects of rice husk compost application on soil quality parameters in greenhouse conditions PDF
Zeynep Demir, Coşkun Gülser
The contact angle of wetting of the solid phase of soil before and after chemical modification PDF
Tyugai Zemfira, Evgeny Milanovskiy
Rheological properties of different minerals and clay soils PDF
Dolgor Khaydapova, Evgeny Milanovskiy, Evgeny Shein
Temperature and water potential of grey clays in relation to their physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics and phytocoenology within the scope of the Radovesice Dump PDF
Lenka Zoubková, Iva Roubíková, Jiří Šefl, Ivana Rybářová, Petr Banýr
Central Russia agroecosystem monitoring with CO2 fluxes analysis by eddy covariance method PDF
Joulia Meshalkina, Alexis Yaroslavtsev, Ilya Mazirov, Miljan Samardzic, Riccardo Valentini, Ivan Vasenev
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ISSN: 2147-4249