Appraisal in preservice teachers’ reflections on microteaching experience

Nermin Bilger
1.379 358


Adopting Appraisal framework, this study examines the use of evaluative language in junior English Language Teaching (ELT) students’ oral comments on their microteaching experiences. Drawing on the National Cultures Model proposed by Hofstede (1991), the study also aims to uncover how the students’ use of evaluative language is aligned with their cultural orientation. The results reveal that among all three systems of Appraisal framework, the student-teachers used the Attitude system more frequently than the Engagement and Graduation systems and to a large extent the evaluative language choices of the participants are aligned with their Turkish cultural orientation. It is hoped that the findings of this study will provide directions for teacher educators seeking to reflect on microteaching practices in preservice teacher education programs.


Keywords: Appraisal, Evaluative language, National culture, Preservice teachers, Microteaching experience 

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