A new branch in acarology; Forensic acarology

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Animal carcasses and human bodies are hosts of many insects species during decompositon. These species feed on corpses at different stages of the decomposition process. The first arthropods that arrive on a dead body are usually carrion flies. These flies might bring their own specific phoretic mite species to the animal carcasses and human bodies. So, phorectic mites are the first arthropods colonising a dead body and they might become a good marker to determine the time of death. The survival time following the host’s death of some mites, which are present before death on body, can help to solve criminal cases. Sometimes the environment, where the corpse is found, can affect invasion of insects. Under these circumstances, mites might become the only arthropods on a dead body and help answer critical questions pertaining to human death investigations. At the same time, mites might provide information not only about the time of death, but also about cause of death and movement or relocation of bodies.


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