A first report of Boxwood Spider Mite, Eurytetranychus buxi (Garman)(Acari: Tetranychidae) on Buxus sempervirens L. (Boxwood Tree) and Cupressus macrocarpa Hartw (Macrocarpa Goldcrest) for Turkey

Sultan Çobanoğlu, Tuğba Erdoğan, Ayşe Yeşilayer (Özaydın)
1.493 698


The boxwood spider mite Eurytetranychus buxi (Garman) (Acari: Tetranychidae) was collected on boxwood bushes, Buxus sempervirens L. (Buxaceae) in Ankara and on cypress Cupressus macrocarpa Hartw. (Cupressaceae) in Istanbul. This species is the first report for mite fauna of Turkey. The data on distribution, damage, biology and control of this mite is presented.


Boxwood spider mite, Eurytetranychus buxi, Tetranychidae, Cupressaceae, Turkey

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.16969/teb.17588