Adult parasitoid species and their parasitization rates at different periods on Sunn pest Eurygaster integriceps Puton (Hemiptera: Scutelleridae) in Karacadağ overwintering region and Diyarbakır cereal fields

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The current study focused on the adult parasitoids of the Sunn pest Eurygaster integriceps Puton which are important factors to suppress the Sunn pest populations. Parasitism rates of adult parasitoids at different periods, parasitoid species and the time of the occurrence of the highest interference under natural conditions. For this purpose, Sunn pest adults were sampled starting from the start of the migration from the overwintering sites to the plains at the end of March and during April, and in the cereal fields of Diyarbakır provinces in April-July. Parasitism rates in Karacadağ overwintering site and on the plains were 3.82%-8.30%in 2013, 4.33%-7.23%in 2014 respectively; on the plains 15.89%-20.15%in 2013 and 14.55%-19.96%in 2014, for the new generation adult stage 1.67%in 2013, 5.80%in 2014, for the period of migration to overwintering sites 2.80%in 2013 and 2.76%in 2014. Identification keys were created based on the morphological characters and Phasia subcoleopterata L., Eliozeta helluo (Fabricius, 1805), Ectophasia crassipenis (Fabricius 1794) and Elomya lateralis (Meigen, 1824) species were identified. The highest ratios of natural parasitism were determined to be between 17 April and 12 May.


Eurygaster integriceps, wheat, Tachinidae, parasitization rates, Southeastern Anatolia

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