Effective factors on host choice of phytophagous thrips and possibilities of use for control

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Thrips are cause directly damage by laying egg and feeding, indirectly by transmitting tospoviruses on plants. Many factors depending host have important role in plant selection for nutrition, shelter and reproductive. It is known that the first stimulant is host colour and as to second is host odors in host selection. Factors such as the nutrient content and morphological characteristic, different plant parts and also infection status by different organisms indicate changes according to the thrips species which can be influence on the choice of host. The stimulants which effective on host choice are important in determining the strategy of monitoring and control of pest thrips populations. Considering of stimulants that depending on host and combining of them are make more efficient combat with thrips. Specific behavioral features of the thrips reveals necessity of alternative methods and supportive strategies in control of the thrips. In this study, factors that effective on host choice of phytophagous thrips were discussed and evaluated use status of this factors in control of thrips.


Host finding, pest, thrips control, Thysanoptera

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.16969/teb.65394