Heteroptera species in wheat fields in Edirne

Ezgi DİRİK, Müjgan KIVAN
467 150


The study was carried out to determine the species of suborder Heteroptera (Hemiptera) on wheat fields in Edirne. The samples were collected from town-center, Havsa, Meriç and Uzunköprü between April-June in 2014-2015 years. As a result of this study, 45 species from 9 families related to Heteroptera were determined, but three samples identified as just genera. Nabis pseudoferus Rem. (Nabidae), Closterotomus norwegicus (Gmelin) and Deraeocoris scutellaris (F.) (Miridae) species has been detected as predators and the others as as phytophagous species. Species from Scutelleridae and Pentatomidae have been determined as the most widespread species, but only Eurygaster integriceps Put. and Eurygaster austriaca (Schrk.) (Scutelleridae) are the important harmful species on wheat.


Wheat, Heteroptera, Edirne, phytophagous, predator

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.16969/teb.10536