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web address of “International Journal of Thermodynamics, IJoT” is:
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Important Announcment

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ECOS Papers

The IJot will select a limited number of ECOS Conference papers to be reviewed; these paper will be blended with the regular research papers without preparing a special issue or special section.  
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IJoT Manuscripts

The IJoT will accept:
- Novel research that makes a significant advance in improving scientific understanding in a modern area of thermodynamics;
- Novel theoretical methods or experimental techniques in thermodynamics;
- Research with critical procedures toward applications of scientific or technological relevance;
- Scientific advances that generate new avenues of research related to thermodynamics;

The IJoT will need five highlights with all the submissions. These highlights will clearly indicate why the submission is significant, novel, and transformative.
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Review Process and Author Guidelines

IJoT promises of completing the review process and inform the corresponding author on a decision in 10 weeks.

Guidelines for formatting and submitting articles to IJoT are available in IJoT's current issue found on our home page. A Word file of these guidelines and a Word template with pre-defined Styles are available on the right hand menu under the title "Author Guidelines."
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