Exergy-based Comparative Assessment of “Zero CO2 Emission” Coal Gasification Processes Feeding H2 –Fueled Power Plants

Valentina Amati, Enrico Sciubba, Paolo Fiorini
2.007 607


A modular Process Simulator, CAMEL®, developed by the University of Roma 1, has been applied to analyse a series of “zero emissions” high efficiency cycles. This paper compares three different cycles integrated with CO2 separation technologies based on chemical or physical absorption upstream of the combustion process: pure hydrogen is burnt in presence of pure oxygen to produce superheated steam. All solutions are based on nonconventional plant configurations: two of them are H2/O2 cycles and the third one is the so called ZECOTECH® cycle. The main features of all three configurations are presented and their thermodynamic cycles are simulated in order to perform an exergy analysis.


process simulation, zero emission cycles, exergy analysis

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