Thermoeconomic Analysis of a Single and Double-Effect LiBr/H2O Absorption Refrigeration System

R. Palacios Bereche, R. Gonzales Palomino, Silvia Azucena Nebra
2.925 990


The aim of this work is to carry out a thermoeconomic analysis of a single and double-effect LiBr/H2O absorption refrigeration system. The methodology of functional analysis with negentropy is used. The exergetic cost of the main product, the cooling cost, was calculated as a function of the exergy of the heat source. Two cases were analyzed for each system: the first considers a direct-fired system while the second considers a hot-water driven system for the single-effect system and a steam-driven system for the double effect system as part of a cogeneration system. As expected, the resultant exergetic cost of the main product was higher for the direct-fired system.

  • This paper is an updated version of a paper published in the ECOS'08 proceedings. 


absorption refrigeration, exergy, thermoeconomic evaluation, lithium bromide

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