Advanced Exergy Analysis for Chemically Reacting Systems – Application to a Simple Open Gas-Turbine System

Tatiana Morosuk, George Tsatsaronis
3.770 1.062


A conventional exergy analysis has some limitations, which are significantly reduced by an advanced exergy analysis. The latter evaluates: (a) the interactions among components of the overall system (splitting the exergy destruction into endogenous and exogenous parts); and, (b) the real potential for improving a system component (splitting the exergy destruction into unavoidable and avoidable parts). The main role of an advanced exergy analysis is to provide engineers with additional information useful for improving the design and operation of energy conversion systems. This information cannot be supplied by any other approach. In previous publications, approaches were presented that were appropriate for application to closed thermodynamic cycles, without chemical reactions (e.g., refrigeration cycles). Here a general approach is discussed that could be applied to systems with chemical reactions. Application of this approach to a simple gas-turbine system reveals the potential for improvement and the interactions among the system components.

  • This paper is an updated version of a paper published in the ECOS'08 proceedings. 


exergy analysis, exergy destruction, avoidable exergy destruction, endogenous exergy destruction, gas-turbine system

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