Vol 3, No 3

September 2000

Table of Contents

Regular Original Research Article

Second Law Analysis of the Turbulent Flat Plate Boundary Layer PDF
Dorin Stanciu, Mircea Marinescu, Dragos Isvoranu
Minimizing Entropy Production Rate in Binary Tray Distillation PDF
Gelein M. de Koeijer, Signe Kjelstrup
An Integrated Approach to the Assessment of Energy Conversion Plants PDF
Alberto Mirandola, Anna Stoppato, Simone Tonon
Exergy – Aided Cost Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms PDF
Stefan Uhlenbruck, Klaıs Lucas
A Carbon Exergy Tax Evaluation Based on the Efficient Use of Energy Resources: A Case Study PDF
Romano Borchiellini, Aristide F. Massardo, Massimo Santarelli

ISSN: 2146-1511