Vol 5, No 2

June 2002

Table of Contents

Regular Original Research Article

Humid Air Turbine as a Primary Link PRIVATE of a Conventional Gas Turbine Set PDF
Jan T. Szargut
Second Law Analysis of the Earth System with a Radiative Model PDF
Sean Wright
Exergy Efficiency Calculation of Energy Intensive Systems by Graphs PDF
V. Nikulshin, Chih Wu, V. Nikulshina
Zooming Procedure for the Thermoeconomic Diagnosis of Highly Complex Energy Systems PDF
Vittorio Verda, Luis M. Serra, Antonio Valero
A First Step Towards Unmanned Intelligent Process Management: A Procedure for the Diagnostics and Prognostics of Energy Conversion Plants PDF
T. Biagetti, Enrico Sciubba

ISSN: 2146-1511