Vol 6, No 2

June 2003

Table of Contents

Regular Original Research Article

A Tribute to Energy Systems Scientists and Engineers PDF
Elias P. Gyftopoulos
Carnot Controls to Unify Traditional and Work-Assisted Operations with Heat & Mass Transfer PDF
Stanislaw Sieniutycz
Optimal Endoreversible Heat Engines with Polytropic Branches PDF
Josef Maximilian Burzler, Karl Heinz Hoffmann, Sergey Anatolievich Amelkin, Anatoliy Mikhailovich Tsirlin
Optimal Thermostatting PDF
Anatoliy Mikhailovich Tsirlin, D. A. Andreev, V. A. Mogutov, V. Kazakov
Thermodynamic Analysis of Supplementary-Fired Gas Turbine Cycles PDF
Brian Elmegaard, Ulrik Henriksen, Bjørn Qvale

ISSN: 2146-1511