Vol 9, No 1

March 2006

Table of Contents

Regular Original Research Article

Single-Component Optimal Heat Exchanger Effectiveness Using Specific Exergy Costs And Revenues PDF
David M. Paulus, Jr.
Exergy-based Comparative Assessment of “Zero CO2 Emission” Coal Gasification Processes Feeding H2 –Fueled Power Plants PDF
Valentina Amati, Enrico Sciubba, Paolo Fiorini
AZEP Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plants - Thermo-economic Analysis PDF
Björn Fredriksson Möller, Tord Torisson, Mohsen Assadi, Sven Gunnar Sundkvist, Mats Sjödin, Ake Klang, Knut Ingvar Asen, Kjersti Wilhelmsen
Theoretical Analysis of a Novel Integrated Energy System Formed by a Microturbine and an Exhaust Fired Single-Double Effect Absorption Chiller PDF
Marc Medrano, Josh Mauzey, Vince McDonell, Scott Samuelsen, Dieter Boer

ISSN: 2146-1511