Vol 9, No 2

June 2006

Table of Contents

Regular Original Research Article

History and State-of-the-Art of Fuel Fired Zero Emission Power Cycles PDF
Kirsten Foy, Evgeny Yantovski
Specific Exergy Costs and Revenues in a Two-Pressure Combined Cycle Plant PDF
David M. Paulus, Jr., Naroa Gonzales Zarraonandia
Thermodynamic Property Models for Unburned Mixtures and Combustion Gases PDF
Lanzafame Rosario, Messina Michele
Preliminary Considerations on the Thermodynamic Feasibility and Possible Design of Ultra-, Micro- and Nano-Gas Turbines PDF
Roberto Capata, Enrico Sciubba
Book Review: Exergy Method - Technical and Ecological Applications by Szargut PDF
Evgeny Yantovski

ISSN: 2146-1511