Vol 12, No 3

September 2009

Table of Contents

Regular Original Research Article

Advanced Exergy Analysis for Chemically Reacting Systems – Application to a Simple Open Gas-Turbine System PDF
Tatiana Morosuk, George Tsatsaronis
On the Reference State for Exergy when Ambient Temperature Fluctuates PDF
Michel Pons
Analysis of Superimposed Elementary Thermodynamic Cycles: from the Brayton-Joule to Advanced Mixed (Auto-Combined) Cycles PDF
Andrea Lazzaretto, Giovanni Manente
Modelling and Simulation of a Hybrid Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Coupled with a Gas Turbine Power Plant PDF
Valentina Amati, Enrico Sciubba, Claudia Toro, Luca Andreassi
Peak Load Electricity Production with Cryogenic Fuels PDF
Giampaolo Manfrida, Duccio Tempesti, Gaetano Zumbo
Thermoeconomic Analysis of Simple Trigeneration Systems PDF
Miguel A. Lozano, M. Carvalho, J. C. Ramos, Luis M. Serra
Ethanol Production from Banana Fruit and its Lignocellulosic Residues: Exergy and Renewability Analysis PDF
H. I. Velásquez Arredondo, A. A. Ruiz Colorado, Silvio de Oliveira Júnior

ISSN: 2146-1511