Vol 14, No 1

March 2011

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Editorial Team, and Author Guidelines for Formatting and Submitting Papers PDF

Regular Original Research Article

Thermodynamic Behavior of Water from Soft-Cell Theory PDF
Kuo Ting Wang, M. Quinn Brewster
Entropy Generation Minimization as a Design Tool. Part 1: Analysis of Different Configurations of Branched and Non-branched Laminar Isothermal Flow Through a Circular Pipe PDF
Enrico Sciubba
Parametric Simulation of Combined Cycle Power Pant: A Case Study PDF
T. Srinivas, B. V. Reddy, A. V. S. S. K. S. Gupta
Correlation of the Binary Interaction Factor for Polar Solutes Dissolved in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide PDF
Aimen Issaoui, Ali Ben Moussa, Hatem Hatem Ksibi

Special ECOS 2009 Papers Invited by Conference Organizers

Proposed Partial Repowering of a Coal-Fired Power Plant Using Low-Grade Solar Thermal Energy PDF
Hui Hong, Yawen Zhao, Hongguang Jin

ISSN: 2146-1511