Vol 14, No 2

June 2011

Table of Contents

Special ECOS 2009 Papers Invited by Conference Organizers

Numerical Simulations of a Prechamber Autoignition Engine Operating on Natural Gas PDF
Stefan Heyne, Grégory Millot, Daniel Favrat
First and Second Law to Analyze the Performance of Bagasse Boilers PDF
Juan Harold Sosa Arnao
Process Integration and Opportunities for Heat Pumps in Industrial Processes PDF
Helen Becker, François Maréchal, Aurélie Vuillermoz

Regular Original Research Article

Thermal Imaging as a Noninvasive Diagnostic Tool for Anterior Knee Pain Following Implantation of Artificial Knee Joints PDF
Mathias Glehr, Alexander Stibor, Patrick Sadoghi, Christian Schuster, Franz Quehenberger, Gerald Gruber, Andreas Leithner, Reinhard Windhager
A Parametric Study of the Choice of Binary Interaction Parameter and Equation of State for High Pressure Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of Nitrogen – n-Dodecane Binary System PDF
B. Balaji, Vasudevan Raghavan, K. Ramamurthi
Viscous and Surface Properties of Upper Critical Solution Temperatures of Immiscible Solvents with Biomolecules, Surfactants and Polymer Resin PDF
Man Singh

ISSN: 2146-1511