Vol 14, No 3

September 2011

Table of Contents

Regular Original Research Article

Thermodynamic Justification for the Ni/Al/Ni Joint Formation by a Diffusion Brazing PDF
Waldemar Wolczynski
Normalized Thermodynamic Model for Intermittent Energy Systems and Application to Solar-Powered Adsorption Cooling Systems PDF
Onur Taylan, Derek K. Baker, Bilgin Kaftanoglu
Design and Exergy Analysis of a Thermal Power Plant Using Different Types of Turkish Lignite PDF
Amirabedin Ehsana, Zeki Mustafa Yilmazoglu
Thermodynamics of Philicphobic Interaction Shift in Aqueous Tweens 20 to 80 PDF
Man Singh
An Equivalent Mechanical Model for Representing the Entropy Generation in Heat Exchangers. Application to Power Cycles PDF
Jose Ignacio Linares, Beatriz Yolanda Moratilla, Federico Ramírez

Invited ECOS 2010 Paper for Regular Issue

Investigation of the Criteria for Fluid Selection in Rankine Cycles for Waste Heat Recovery PDF
M. Aslam Siddiqi, Burak Atakan

Non-refereed Book Review

Book Review: Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics for Engineers by S. Kjelstrup, D. Bedeaux, E. Johannessen, and J. Gross PDF
Daniel Tondeur

ISSN: 2146-1511