Vol 14, No 4

December 2011

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A Letter to our Readers and Contributors Regarding this Special Issue on Thermodynamics Dedicated to ECOS’10 PDF
Special Issue of the International Journal of Thermodynamics Dedicated to the ECOS 2010 Conference PDF

Invited ECOS 2010 Paper for ECOS Special Issue

Effects of Particle-Wall Interactions on the Thermodynamic Behavior of Gases at the Nano Scale PDF
Coskun Firat, Altug Sisman, Fatih Ozturk
Gas Diffusion at the Nano Scale PDF
Z.Fatih Ozturk, Altug sisman, Coskun Firat
Entropy Generation Minimization for the Optimal Design of the Fluid Distribution System in a Circular MCFC PDF
Adriano Sciacovelli, Vittorio Verda
The Importance of Coupling between Thermal and Molar Fluxes in a Nitrogen-Oxygen Distillation Column PDF
Leonardus Volkert van der Ham, Signe Kjelstrup
Gas turbines for polygeneration? A thermodynamic investigation of a fuel rich gas turbine cycle PDF
Burak Atakan
Theoretical Study of the Transesterification of Triglycerides to Biodiesel Fuel under Various Conditions PDF
Yusuke Asakuma

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