Vol 15, No 1

March 2012

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A Letter to our Readers and Contributors Regarding this Special Issue on Thermodynamics Dedicated to ECOS’10 PDF
Special Issue of the International Journal of Thermodynamics Dedicated to the ECOS 2010 Conference PDF

Invited ECOS 2010 Paper for ECOS Special Issue

Steam Methane Reforming System for Hydrogen Production: Advanced Exergetic Analysis PDF
Alicia Boyano, Ana-Maria Blanco-Marigorta, Tatiana Morosuk, George Tsatsaronis
Examples of Application of Exergy Analysis for the Evaluation of Ecological Effects in Thermal Processes Untitled () PDF
Wojciech Stanek
The hidden value of water flows: the chemical exergy of rivers PDF
Amaya Martínez-Gracia, Antonio Valero, Javier Uche
Critical Flow of Dense Gases - Modeling and Experimental Validation PDF
Jan Gorski, Slawomir Rabczak
The Fate of Ammonia and Hydrogen Cyanide during Flameless Combustion of Low Calorific Value Gases PDF
Mariusz Zieba, Mathias Fink, Anja Schuster, Günther Scheffknecht, Roland Berger
An Analysis of Biogas Reforming Process on Ni/YSZ and Ni/SDC Catalysts PDF
Grzegorz Brus, Yosuke Komatsu, Shinji Kimijima, Janusz Szmyd
Experimental investigation of the absorption enhanced reforming of biomass in a 20 kWth dual fluidized bed system PDF
Norman Poboss, Karolina Swiecki, Alexander Charitos, Craig Hawthorne, Mariusz Zieba, Günter Scheffknecht


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