Vol 15, No 4

December 2012

Special Issue in Honor of Yehia El-Sayed on Thermoeconomics and Desalination

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A Letter to our Readers Regarding this Special Issue on Thermodynamics Dedicated to Dr. Yehia M. El-Sayed PDF
Testimonial to Yehia M. El-Sayed PDF
Testimonial to Yehia El-Sayed PDF

Invited Paper for Special Issue in Honor of Yehia El-Sayed

Fuel part and mineral part of the thermoecological cost PDF
Jan Szargut, Wojciech Stanek
The Dead State PDF
Richard Gaggioli
3-D Exergy-Based Methods for Improving Energy-Conversion Systems PDF
Tatiana Morosuk, George Tsatsaronis
Contributions of El-Sayed to the computer thermoeconomic analysis of dual-purpose power and desalination plants. PDF
Javier Uche, Antonio Valero, Luis Serra, C├ęsar Torres
Thermoeconomics as a tool for the design and analysis of energy savings initiatives in buildings connected to district heating networks PDF
Vittorio Verda, Albana Kona
An improved POD technique for the optimization of MSF processes PDF
Roberto Melli, E. Sciubba, C. Toro, A. Zoli-Porroni
Dynamic Operation Optimization of a Trigeneration System PDF
Vassiliki-Alexia Vallianou, Christos A. Frangopoulos


Resume for Yehia M. El-Sayed PDF

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Author Index for Volume 15 PDF
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