Vol 16, No 1

March 2013

Table of Contents

Regular Original Research Article

Thermodynamic and operational properties of heterogeneous lyophobic systems PDF
Valentin Eroshenko, Yaroslav Grosu
Estimation of Thermodynamic Properties of Binary Liquid Mixtures on the Basis of Statistical Mechanical Theories PDF
J. D. Pandey, Prakash Chandra, Rupali Sethi, Vinay Sanguri
Studies about an Equation of State for Pure Associated Fluids: Temperature Dependent Co-Volume Accounting a Physically Consistent Repulsive Term PDF
Ricardo Figueiredo Checoni, S. P. Ravagnani
Exergy Analysis of Combined Cycle Power Plant: NTPC Dadri, India PDF
Arvind Kumar Tiwari, M M Hasan, Mohd. Islam
Development of Mathematical Models for Predicting Performance of CFC12, HFC134a and R290/R600 Mixture Refrigerants using Design of Experiments PDF
K. MANI, V Selladurai, N Murugan

Invited ECOS 2012 Papers

Modelling of a CHP SOFC system fed with biogas from anaerobic digestion of municipal waste integrated with solar collectors and storage unit PDF
Domenico Borello, Sara Evangelisti, Eileen Tortora

ISSN: 2146-1511