Vol 16, No 2

June 2013

Table of Contents

Invited ECOS 2011 Paper for ECOS Special Issue

Flameless Oxidation as a Means to Reduce NOx Emissions in Glass Melting Furnaces PDF
Jörg Leicher

Invited ECOS 2012 Papers

Performance Estimation and Optimal Operation of a CO2 Heat Pump Water Heating System PDF
Ryohei Yokoyama
Human Body Exergy Metabolism PDF
Carlos Eduardo Keutenedjian Mady
Defossilisation assessment of biodiesel life cycle production using the ExROI indicator PDF
Emilio Font de Mora, César Torres, Antonio Valero, David Zambrana
Vegetable Oils of Soybean, Sunflower and Tung as Alternative Fuels for Compression Ignition Engines Untitled () PDF
Ricardo Morel Hartmann, Nury Nieto Garzon, Eduardo Morel Hartmann, Amir Antônio Martins Oliveira, Edson Bazzo

ISSN: 2146-1511