Vol 17, No 4

December 2014

Table of Contents

Combustion Characteristics and Cyclic Irregularity of an EFI Gasoline Engine Fueled with n-Butanol/gasoline Blends PDF
Yuan Zhi Hu, Yan Qin, Qiang Pi Tan, Ming Di Lou
The effect of altitude and intensity of physical activity on the exergy efficiency of respiratory system PDF
Izabela Batista Henriques, Carlos Eduardo Keutenedjian Mady, Cyro Albuquerque Neto, Jurandir Itizo Yanagihara, Silvio Oliveira Junior

Regular Original Research Article

Numerical Study of Entropy Generation in the Flameless Oxidation Using Large Eddy Simulation Model and OpenFOAM Software PDF
Seyed Mahmood Mousavi
Thermoeconomic Analysis of a Cogeneration System Integrated to a Solid Waste Incinerator PDF
Márcio Higa, Júlio César Dainezi de Oliveira, Alexandre Marconi de Souza da Costa, Carlos Barros Jr
Exergetic and Economic Assessment of Distillation Hybrid Configurations for Bioethanol Refining PDF
Bilyaminu Suleiman, Adegboyega Surajudeen Olawale, Saidu Waziri Mohammed
Some Implications of a Scale Invariant Model of Statistical Mechanics to Classical and Relativistic Thermodynamics PDF
Siavash H. Sohrab
Chemical Potential vs. Gibbs Free Energy Relationship by Redlich and Kister and the Redlich-Kister Polynomial PDF
Helfried Näfe
Method of Determining a Nominal Index Value for the Polytropic Expansion Process of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide in Piston-Cylinder Devices PDF
Kevin R. Anderson

ISSN: 2146-1511