Vol 19, No 2

June 2016

Table of Contents

Regular Original Research Article

Analysis of a gas system with a recirculation of the flue gases and carbon dioxide capture PDF
Pawel Monka
Energetic and exergetic analysis of alternative low-temperature based district heating substations arrangements PDF
Jose Fiacro Castro Flores
Entropy analysis of thermoelectric heat pumps including multi-channel heat exchangers: design considerations PDF
Julien Ramousse
Numerical approach on the effects of gasoline-hydrogen blends on the cyclic variability in spark ignition engines PDF
Santiago Daniel Martinez-Boggio, Pedro Luis Curto-Risso, Alejandro Medina, Antonio Calvo
Entropy function for the teleparallel Kaluza-Klein reduction PDF
Mustafa SALTI, Oktay Aydogdu
Predicting The Liquid Phase Equilibrium of Multi-Components Extraction By Thermodynamic Models PDF
dewi selvia fardhyanti
Two State Weak and Mean Valued Energy Quantum Systems are Thermodynamically Homologous PDF
Allen D. Parks

ISSN: 2146-1511