Vol 19, No 3

September 2016

Table of Contents

Regular Original Research Article

Simuling a Compressed Air Energy Storage For a Net Zero Energy Building in Tropics PDF
Jean Castaing-Lasvignottes, Mathieu David, Sidiki Simpore, Olivier Marc, Fran├žois Garde
Two parameter deformed non-extensive entropy from the two PDF
Won Sang Chung
Heat integration in regeneration process of molecular sieves including heat storages. PDF
Three kinds of q-exponential type Boltzmann factors from the super-statistics and the q-deformed Maxwell Boltzmann distribution PDF
Won Sang Chung
A process modelling approach to the evaluation of ship machinery configuration alternatives of LNG carriers PDF
George G Dimopoulos, Iason V Stefanatos, Nikolaos M.P Kakalis
Thermal peak load shaving through users request variations PDF
Vittorio Verda
Exergy Analysis of Syngas Production Via Biomass Thermal Gasification PDF
Rosa Rodriguez

ISSN: 2146-1511